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Chucks & Peral s
Crimson & Creamy

Divine 9 Gift Bundles


Our version of celebrating the DIVINE 9 with our LS or LB packs!! 

These bags are the perfect holiday treat. They can be added to any stocking stuffer, gift exchange, or corrective gift favor.

These bundles come in increments of 25 3-cup individually pre-packaged bags. These are available in-store or for mail orders with tracking provided via FedEx.

Line Sister Flavor Profile 

CHUCKS & PEARLS (cheesecake) For the Oh So Pretty ladies, we bring you the creamy and sweet flavors of cheesecake in our Chuck & Pearls popcorn. A nod to our Phlawless Vice President Kamila Harris, this treat is sure to earn a heartfelt WEE!

 CRIMSON & CREAMY  (red velvet)- Throw your trunks in the air ladies and let me see your best duck walk because our Crimson & Creamy popcorn is sure to make the Divas proud. We’ve taken the iconic flavors of cocoa and cream cheese and infused them into our kernels, creating our amazing Red Velvet Popcorn. Once you taste this amazing popcorn we’re sure to hear an OOP! 

DOVE LOVE (blueberry cheesecake)- To the Finer Women, we have created a succulent treat that is not only decadent but Oh So Sweet! We have taken the fruity and fragrant flavors of blueberry and combined them with the decedent and velvety taste of cheesecake to create an amazing KEEt!  

POODLE PUFFS(salted caramel) -  For the pretty poodles, we have taken our delicious caramel popcorn, which is already a delightful mix of rich dark brown sugar and creamy buttery flavor, and added a bit of sea salt to create a salty-sweet snack that is guaranteed to elicit a YIP! 

Line Brother Flavor Profile 

 DOG OUT- For the Bruhs, we’ve created a special treat. This unique and sweet treat combines the fruity flavors of grape and champagne that is not only flavorful but will have you hopping like you’re wearing a pair of gold boots yourself! 

 GORILLA FUEL (white chocolate oreo) It’s only right that we give the ICE COLD brothers the necessary fuel to help them maintain their distinction as the Phinest. This caramel popcorn combined with chunks of real Oreo cookie covered in white chocolate is sure to be welcome in the house of Black and Gold.

 MAB MENTALITY (blueberry cheesecake)- With a name like Mab Mentality you know this popcorn is going to represent the brothers of Blue Pi well. Our Blueberry Cheesecake Popcorn takes the sweet and savory flavors of fresh blueberries and creamy cheesecake to create an amazing treat that is worthy of the men of royal blue and white.  

 PRETTY BOI SWAG (apple pie a la mode)- We had to make popcorn that was just as smooth and charming as the cane-swinging Nupes. Our Apple Pie A La Mode popcorn takes the stable flavors of apple and cinnamon to create an amazing and classic flavor profile that is sure to bring a shimmy out of any pretty boy in Crimson and Crème.  


Line Sister 10 3 cup bag

Line Brothers
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